Requirements for Becoming a Foster


Before you become a foster, it is important that you understand the tremendous responsible that comes along with bringing a new pet in to your home, especially if you have your own pets.  We will review each foster applicant on an individual basis. In general to be considered, you must be willing and able to:

  • Separate foster pets from your own pets, for their safety and your pet's until they are used to one another. 
  • Have patience as some foster dogs may have accidents or become destructive until they are taught to behave otherwise. 
  • Monitor their health and respond quickly to their changing needs.  
  • Purchase and adhere to any special dietary requirements they have. 
  • Communicate effectively with Rebel Riders Rescue about the needs and well being of the animal. 
  • Start basic training with the dog.

It is also important to ask yourself if you're emotionally able to foster a pet.  It can be difficult to give them up once you've invested so much time and effort.  It can also be difficult if you form a strong bond with a foster dog. Of course our fosters are always welcome to adopt a Rebel but the emotional side of fostering is definitely something to consider before starting your journey as a foster parent. 

Not sure if fostering is right for you?  It's ok, there are other ways to help.  Make a donation, shop for items on our wish list or volunteer with us.