Rebel Riders Rescue Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer based organization. Our primary mission to rescue & rehabilitate puppy mill survivors, through in home foster care. We also work to educate the community as a whole on the inhumane practices of the puppy mills where many of our dogs come from. 

Each dog we receive is rehabilitated by our dedicated volunteers.  Our volunteers invest their time and talent working with our dogs to make sure they are ready to become to someone's pet.  When we know they are ready,  we get to work on placing our puppy mill survivors in their fur-ever homes!  Because we want what is best for each dog, we thoroughly vet each adopter to make sure our dogs are going to well-deserved homes that will love and care for them! 

We believe there is no greater love, then the love of a rescue. We want to assure you that we are not a breed, or a size specific rescue. We also do not discriminate against others for ANY reason at all.  We have ONE, and only one philosophy...


From l to R: Sandra & nora larsen

From l to R: Sandra & nora larsen

Meet Our Founders

Rebels Riders Rescue Inc. was an organization we thought of in the early winter of 2018.  After working with other puppy mill dogs and seeing the transformations that can be made through rehabilitation we realized we had a love for puppy mill dogs.  It was amazing to us how these dogs could go through cycles of abuse that are unimaginable to most people, but still be rehabilitated in to the best companions and pets.  Our mission to not only save these dogs but to also find them the fur-ever homes they deserve.  

Thank you for your continued support in our greatest rescue endeavor yet!

-Nora & Sandra Larsen