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If you're ready to welcome a new dog in to your home, you've come to the right place!  We have amazing dogs that are looking for the perfect fur-ever home.  Browse our Available Rebels page to see who is ready to come home with you.  If you don't see anyone there that might be a good fit, check out our Coming Soon page.  These are dogs that are new to the rescue.  In most cases, we are getting their health checked and evaluating them, so they will be available soon.  Sadly, we get new dogs all the time so please check in with us from time to time. 


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Browse our gallery of dogs that are ready to find their fur-ever home, learn more about each and submit an application. 



Rebel Riders Rescue is a volunteer-run organization.  Whether you have an hour to give, or want to open your home to become a foster, we need you!



A puppy mill is no place for a dog.  Every dollar you donate goes toward medical care and saving dogs from the cruel fate of puppy mill life. 


A Little Bit About Us

Rebel Riders Rescue is a volunteer-run organization that works to rescue and rehabilitate dogs released from puppy mills.  Their journey begins when they take their "freedom ride"!  A team of volunteers accepts dogs breeders and puppy mill owners don't want because they can no longer breed.  Without us and other rescues that accept mill releases, these dogs would be discarded like trash.  Except these dogs aren't trash, they are treasures and we know it! 

Once the dogs are in our care, they are fostered in private homes and we make sure they receive any veterinary care that they need.  Then, we work to rehabilitate the dogs to ensure they are ready to become someone's pet.  As soon we evaluate the dog and determine that he or she is ready, we get to work on finding them a fur-ever home with a family that will spoil and love them, as they should be!  We love each and every Rebel and we know you will too.   

Meet the Rebels we've helped find their fur-ever homes!

Here's what you can expect when you adopt from Rebel Riders Rescue...

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Nora, Sandra and the fosters at Rebel Riders Rescue are making an amazing impression on the rescue community and all the happy families that get to adopt the fruits of their efforts! Thank you Rebel Riders Rescue...keep up the good work!
— The Linnan Family, Lockport, NY
Jax is the newest member of our family and we couldn’t be any happier !!! He is a wonderful addition and we are so grateful to have him in our family !!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts !!!!
— Eric T., Niagara Falls, NY